shu-GlobalNetwork-International-522610708-Liu zishanBeing familiar with an overseas company, the work that they do, and the people that they employ is crucial for your business to succeed. Sometimes, transparency between clients or organisations can be difficult, particularly when you are thousands of miles apart. Blackhawk can help you to research and analyse an international company to find out if they are offering you the best deal, or if they have something to hide.

Due diligence and background checks

Over the years, we have developed contacts with a number of countries across the world, with particular expertise in Russia, the Middle East, and the former Eastern Block. For us, due diligence and background checks into international companies are some of the most important services that we offer. We can help you establish the reliability of companies overseas so that you make the best choice for your business.

As foreign markets and cultures can be complex, Blackhawk is able to assist you with creating a more complete picture of the company, or country, you wish to do business with. There are a number of commercial and political risk factors that are necessary to take into account in order to make the best decisions regarding your business plan. Completing background checks can help to understand what some of these risks are, thereby minimising the possibility of such issues between companies arising.

Legal issues

Dealing with overseas companies also means that you have to take foreign legal systems into account. Blackhawk has experience in international process serving, as well as an expert understanding of legal constraints and of the Hague Convention. We also work closely with lawyers, both overseas and at home, to handle secure bank disclosures and injunctions. Ultimately, Blackhawk can help you to get to grips with legal issues surrounding international markets and foreign government regulations.

Our network

Blackhawk has a vast international investigations intelligence network. We have many on-the-ground contacts in countries all over the world that we can use to investigate an international environment, thus helping to give you a head start in your business avenue.

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