The letters ASSET with stacks of coins on gold backgroundBeing a victim of theft or fraud can be traumatic, especially if you find yourself financially in the lurch. Fraudsters and thieves can take advantage of you and your business, causing you to lose out. At Blackhawk, we have the expertise and determination to reunite you with assets that are rightfully yours.

Blackhawk can help investigate:

  • UK property assets
  • Corporate assets and connections
  • Offshore assets and property
  • Directorships
  • Hidden assets
  • Related party transactions

What techniques does Blackhawk use to trace assets?

Asset tracing requires two main techniques that can be used to locate and identify potential assets: site attendance and property/equity valuation.

Site attendance involves the physical process of visiting the home or business address of the person you are attempting to claim assets from. These visits allow our investigators to determine the tangible assets an individual owns. In a divorce case, for example, one spouse may attempt to hide or not disclose the total value of their assets to the other as a way of reducing their contribution to the final divorce settlement. Blackhawk can help establish the genuine value of the assets and work to ensure that you receive a share of the assets you are entitled to.

In a similar way, property/equity valuation involves our investigators ascertaining if the offending party has property-based assets of value that can be liquidated in order to compensate you. Blackhawk can discreetly evaluate the cost of the property to determine whether or not it is viable to legally pursue the party in court.

When attempting to claim back financial compensation, it’s important to determine if the offending party has enough assets to pay back to you during the litigation process. If investigators discover that the party you are claiming against has no assets of value, it would be unwise to proceed with a court case as this could leave you more disadvantaged than you started (particularly because court cases can be expensive if you’re left to foot the bill). Working with Blackhawk to first ascertain the value of any assets the offending party has, means that you have a better chance of claiming back what’s rightfully yours.

What should you do if you have assets that need tracing?

Tracing assets can be a time-consuming process, riddled with legal landmines. With this in mind, it makes sense to seek expert advice from people who understand the legal framework and who can identify and locate your assets in a cost-efficient and reliable way.

For more information on how Blackhawk can help trace assets that are rightfully yours, call us today on 020 7788 8983.