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With the Paradise Files causing a storm in the media, it’s easy to see why asset tracing has become a more valuable tool in recent years. Those who attempt to hide their true assets can often think that their monetary value is well hidden. Pursuing an individual for assets that you are entitled to, therefore, can be difficult and stressful. However, at Blackhawk, we have a trained and experienced team who can help you to trace specific assets, and who can also support you if you decide to pursue the claim in court.

What is asset tracing?

The asset tracing process involves the identification and recovery of property or valuables via way of legal process or negotiated settlement. The types of assets that can be traced include real estate and stocks and shares.

Asset tracing can be a useful tool to use if you’re contemplating litigation for any reason. The litigation process can be very expensive and you are not always guaranteed to see monetary results at the end. Therefore, before engaging with litigation, it is important to know what assets the defendant has available and that they are able to meet the judgement requirements of the case.

Pursuing assets

Blackhawk offers an asset tracing service that focuses on the needs of companies, large corporations and high net-worth individuals. Once we’ve identified and traced the required assets, we can then freeze and recover them, providing you with a comprehensive service that is there for you from start to finish. By conducting an asset search, you will also be able to determine if litigation is a worthwhile avenue for you to take. Blackhawk can be there to support you through the process, giving you the resources you need to track, uncover and claim back what is rightly yours.

In particular, we can assist on specific types of asset tracing, including:

  • UK property assets
  • Corporate assets and connections
  • Related party transactions and assets
  • Offshore assets and property
  • Directorships

All findings will be then complied in a report that can be used as evidence in a court of law, helping you to reach the desired outcome.

Our international asset tracing expertise

At Blackhawk, we have a dedicated team with a number of different resources available to us in the UK, EU and across the globe. This allows us to get to the heart of the matter when it comes to tracing international assets. Working with our international contacts means that we are able to use their local knowledge to reach the conclusion of a case much more rapidly. As per all our investigations, the report produced at the end of each case can be used as evidence in court, allowing you to pursue litigation if necessary.

Heading to court

Our asset tracing service can also be used in conjunction with our litigation support services. Since our asset tracing reports are suitable to be used in court, you can move forward with a litigation case that will help you with legally claiming the assets you are entitled to. Each litigation case is different and requires a varied skill set. We have a range of investigative and analytical tools that can be used in conjunction with our asset tracing services. We can support you with further services such as surveillance, international tracing (if necessary), and intelligence and evidence gathering. With this, you will have access to a greater arsenal that can be used during litigation, with the sole purpose of helping you to win your case.

Contact Blackhawk today

Blackhawk has much experience dealing with asset tracing and litigation cases. We can help you with your own investigation, being there to support you and offer the advice you need to get the conclusion you’re looking for.

If you need some advice and assistance with tracing assets and engaging in the litigation process, call us today on 020 7788 8983.

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